Below is more information than you’ll ever want to know about me!


Hobbies/Past Times

Playing with Nieces/Nephews: When I am not playing golf, my favorite thing to do is play with my nieces and nephews. Jack and Julia are 11, Brooke is 12, and Eric and Elliott are 9. It is so much fun to play with them because I am able to be a kid again, and I don’t have time to think about anything else; they won’t let me. The kids think I’m “cool.” Thankfully, I have my narolepsy and cataplexy managed. Without that, I could never have as as much fun as I do.

Sports: I love playing other sports, anything competitive really. Narcolepsy makes some sports difficult, but with a moderate pace and moderate level of excitement, I can play anything. Tennis for example, can be very exciting… I usually experience a lot of cataplexy and can only play a little. Tennis literally paralyzes me. Wii and Xbox are also difficult. However, there are many other competitive activities that I am thankful to be able to play. Golf, darts, pool are all slower paced and less “exciting.”

Reading: I love to read, especially material that is helpful or factual, and I love surfing the net. These activities are few and far between because I tend to fall asleep, which is a condition brought on by my narcolepsy.

Love for dogs: I must pet every dog I see. I love dogs. They are the most wonderful, genuine, and faithful animal around. I used to have a black and tan miniature Dachshund named Guinness. He was an absolute joy.

Shopping: I also love shopping. I don’t have to buy anything; looking is just fine, as long as I can eventually buy.

My Favorites

Favorite Food: Seared Ahi Tuna and Pizza, but not together! And, please, hold the black olives. I don’t like them!

Favorite place: South East Asia: I’ve played many winters over in Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, China…LOVE it! I love experiencing the different cultures, and there are so many beautiful areas.

Favorite Color: Blues, Purples

Favorite TV Show: Big Bang Theory, Shark Tank, American Idol, Seinfeld

Favorite Movie: Seabiscuit, Blindside

Favorite Restaurant: P.F. Chang’s, Ruby Tuesday

Favorite Fast Food: Chipolte

Favorite Ethnic Food: Thai, Indian

Favorite Drink: Starbucks Coffee

Favorite Dessert: Choc Chip Cookies

Favorite Vacation Spot: Caribbean

Favorite Sports Team: Chicago Bearsss, Bulls, Blackhawks, Sky, White Sox, Cubs, and Georgia Bull Dogs

Favorite Listening: Doctor Radio on SiriusXM

Favorite Exercise:  Cardio Kickboxing, Step Aerobics, Yoga

Favorite food I cook: Meatloaf (my mom’s recipe)

Favorite Dessert I make: Peanut Butter Balls