14 May 2013
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14 May 2013,

On a normal tournament week, I’ve always played at least one practice round on the tournament course. In Dallas, the weather miserable on practice round day…Cold, wet, and extremely windy!!! I thought “what am I going to learn about this golf course on such unusual and ugly day like this?”

So I decided to walk the course & practiced chipping and putting around the greens. I visualized the way I wanted to play the course instead of actually hitting the shots and then had quality short game practice on the tournament greens.

Turns out, this approach works well for me. I made 2 cuts and qualified for the US Open with this approach. Saving my swings and energy for tournament golf is my new approach. I feel so much more rested and ready to play! I’m also getting in more short game practice, which is exactly what my game needs.

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