Golf Tip #1

“Topping the Ball” also known as “hitting it thin”, “rolling it”, “worm burner”. Your friends might have said “Keep your head down” or “You looked up”

More than likely, the problem is in maintaining your spine angle. You must stay in your spine angle throughout your golf swing. Losing your spine angle (raising up, standing up) on your backswing or downswing will cause you to hit the top half of the ball.

Drill: Hit shots from a down hill lie. The ball will be below your feet… you’ll feel more bent over at the hips than a normal lie. If you lose your spine angle at all, you wont even make contact. This will make you feel what its like to stay in your spine angle. Hit from a flat lie, and try to create the same feeling you had when the ball was below your feet.

Tight hip muscles and limited ablility to rotate your shoulders/torso will also contribute to losing spine angle. Strong core will also help maintain balance and good posture. See a golf specfic physical therapist/excercise specialist.

Golf Tip #2

For better balance and rhythm, practice swing with your feet together. After a few swings, try hitting the ball with your feet together. This drill will smooth out a jerky swing and help create balance.

Pro Tips by Nicole Jeray

Pro Tips by Nicole Jeray

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