16 May 2013
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16 May 2013,

It’s not easy to qualify for the US Open. A lot of players for only a few spots and the venue of 36 holes in one day. That’s 9-10 hours of golf with no break. Very difficult for me since I have narcolepsy and Im not as young as most everyone else.

Since I just played 3 LPGA events in a row including 14 straight days of golf, I chose not to play a practice round. Elkridge Club in Balimore, MD was hilly and tricky. Others thought I was crazy to play the US Open Qualifier “blind”. But I knew I needed my energy for the tournament and I also have a lot of faith in my boyfriend/caddie, Jody Keepers. Jody walked the course while I got the rest I needed. Since he is an experienced caddie and knows my game very well, I knew I could rely on him to point me in the right direction.

My priority was to have enough stamina to play 36 holes in order to perform the best I possibly can. The next morning our tee time was 8:10. Unexpected traffic and a train made us extremely late. We finally arrived at 7:45, just enough time to put my shoes on, hit a few putts, and walk to the tee. By the 5th hole, it started to rain and didn’t stop until we were done 9 hours later. At times it was a torrential downpour and other times the rain was very light. I fought with my rain jacket all day and opened and closed the umbrella at least a dozen times.

First round, I shot 71, with an eagle and a birdie. Looking good so far, but my left knee was starting to hurt and my legs were already tired. I was concerned about my next 18 holes in this aweful rain and with heavy legs. Needless to say, I made it through all 36 holes and played good enough to get a spot in the US Open. I finished tied for 6th place with scores of 71,72. Yippee!!!
The Womens US Open with be played at Sebonack CC on Long Island, NY. June 24-30

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